Digital Temperature Sensor

Digital Temperature Sensors is ideal for industrial temperature measure- ment and indication in a wide variety of applications. Digital Temperature Sensors conveniently combines a precision RTD sensing element, measuring electronics, and process fitting all in a single stainless steel temperature transmitter probe. They have a wide measuring range of -58 to 302°F. Choose from four standard probe insertion lengths and two integral male NPT process threads that allow direct mounting to the process or thermowells, eliminating the need for separate probe mounting or adapter fittings. With no moving parts the two solid state  switch outputs provide a reliable alternative to mechanical temperature switches. Available models allow an output to be configured as a scalable analog signal, turning the unit into a combination temperature switch and transmitter. The built-in digital display provides indication of the measured temperature. Two yellow LEDs indicate output switch status. For optimum visibility the sensor housing can be rotated up to 310° after installation and the digital  display can be electronically flipped 180° for inverted installations. Simple push button setup allows the ETS to be easily and quickly configured prior to installation without the need for a separate temperature reference provides high accuracy and reliability required to excel in industrial temperature sensing applications.

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